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Finest Natural Stone

How to clean your natural stone products in the bathroom?

 It's actually really simple to keep your natural stone sink and bath tub in 'like new' condition... 
After each use, give your sink and bathtub a rinse with clean water.  No chemicals that could build up on the surface or etch into the stone must be left. 
Give your stone sink and tub a periodic cleaning with a very mild detergent and dry it with a soft cloth.Do not use bleach and ammonia based cleaners.

Re-apply a protective sealant to your sink and bath tub on an 'as needed' basis... but at least once every 24 months.

Do tiles need sealing?

Impregnator sealer consists of microscopic balls of silicone that attach themselves to crevices inside the stone. These balls become a permanent part of the stone, and act as a waterproof shield.

What is Split Face?

Mainly used for cladding, this is achieved by splitting stone either by hand or by machine so that the surface exhibits a natural quarry texture. It has a flat back and uneven front surface, and creates the uneven look of protruding bricks

What's tumbled stone?

Tumbling stones in a solution of sand, water and mild acid creates an old world, weathered look. When mixing different sizes of tiles, size and color may slightly vary. Usually used for patio and garden

How much tile waste do I need to calculate in my project?

Depending on the installation pattern, experts recommend adding 10%-15% of the total square feet of the project to ensure you have enough natural stone tile. It is advisable to add another 5%-10% for future fixes in the event of breakage.
What should I do if I want another size of statue?

If you like a statue from our product list, but you need it smaller or bigger, just tell us the size you need! Simple as that! We work on bespoke orders, so we can do any product with your specification!
What happens in case of breakage?

It's very important you check products on receipt of goods! However we are not responsible for any shortages, incorrect or damaged products 24 hours after receipt.
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