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Finest Natural Stone

FNS LTD has been in the limestone production for nearly 13 years. At the moment it is the leader in the limestone processing. 
The world market has found that Limestone Vratza has the characteristics making it a limestone unique for aesthetic value, use versatility and technical performance.
FNS LTD has reached an agreement to process and market Limestone Vratza material from quarries able to guarantee high production and quality.

We follow the highest technical standards, built upon technology from well known Italian machinery manifacturers.

We are specialized in complete projects such as tiles, flooring, door and window surrounds, all for the bathroom and the kitchen, all products for your garden . Basicly we can do anything you can think of  and send it to you quickly and safe.

By providing a 3D model or just a drawing you can have anything made of stone!

Any product in this webside is made of natural stone!

We aim to provide the perfect products for full customer satisfaction, along with competitive prices.

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